Model :DX-6032

Product Description:

DX series digital video tracking conference systems adopt all-digital-circuit design and high-performance RISC CPU, able to connect 90 units. Stable and reliable performance, along with the high speed data correction and transmission, ensures no data lost.
■Big LCD monitor and Chinese/English display make operation simple and easy.
■High-performance switching power supply with a wide range of AC170V~240V, ensures working voltage stable.
■Complete circuit protection: overcurrent and overvoltage protection is equipped.
■6 cameras can be used together, suitable for small and medium conference venue.
■Camera connect protocol: RS-485 PELCO-P/D and RS-232R SONY EVI-D70.
■It has 5 speaking modes: FIFO, LIFO, Auto mode, Discuss mode and Chairman mode.
■Anti-mobile phone interference and Anti-radio frequency interference meet the requirements of modern conference.
DX-6032 specification:
■ Power: AC170V~240V/50Hz
■Power consumption: 450mA
■ Chairman/delegate unit port: DIN-8x4
■ Mic Sensitivity: -55dB
■ Audio input(TEL): RCA×1
■ Audio output: RCA×1
■ Audio output: XLR×1
■ Earphone output: 6.3mm(×1)
■ Frequency response: 100Hz-13.5kHz
■ S/N: 70dB
■ Weight: 3.8KG
■ Color: Black
■ Size(L x W x H): 480x295x89mm

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